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Cairnstone´s Young "Dude"
WT: 16.09.2018/ PL 0 / CMO 0

- KfT Jugendchampion
- VDH Jugendchampion
- Alpenjugendsieger
- Schweizer Jugendchampion
- Annual Trophy Jr Winner
-German Jr Winner

Cairnstone´s YOung Dude Stoneglade´s Accapulco Daze Goldclint`s Gamekeeper Wictory´s Trollkarl
Goldclint´s Giveway
Crumb`s Nirwana Lachleen Thief Of Hearts
Crumb`s Ice Ice Baby
Cairnstone´s Madame George Stubbysox Ridhir Romantach Cairnstone`s Nathan Adler
Stubbysox Bernan Bride
Miketos Tell Me Sweet Little Lies Nordcairn´s Up To Date
Miketos Happiness is a Choice

Goldclint´s Game Of Gold "Fiete"
WT: 08.02.2016/ PL 0 / CMO 0

- InterCH/ CH SE/ CH SKG / D Ch VDH + KfT
- KfT Jugendchampion
- VDH Jugendchampion
- Europajugendsieger 17
- Kroatischer Jugendchampion
- Alpenjugendsieger
- Kroatiischer Klubjugendsieger

Goldclint's Game of Gold Hjoohoos love looking at Hjo Sanderfield Pure Talent Hovarian Beckenbauer
Sanderfield Whirling Pound
Hjoohoo's Lived to Be Loved By Hjo Goldclint's Gamekeeper
Hjoohoo's Hijoure Love is My Live
Goldclint's Gina Loreen Hjoohoos Just Had to Be Hjo Hjoohoo's Hijoure The Love Of My Live
Hjoohoo's Just The Way Hjo Are
Goldclint's Gasoline Wkitorys Trollkarl
Goldclint's Giveaway

Camster Cairn`s You Rock My World "Salü"
WT: 28.04.2013/ PL 0/ CMO 0

- KfT Jugendchampion
- VDH Jgd Champion
- Internationaler CHampion
- Deutscher Champion KFT
- Deutscher Champion VDH
- Kroatischer Champion
- Luxemburger Champion
- Kroatischer Klubsieger

Camster Cairn's You Rock my World CH Rocco's Collar Happy Soul Man CH Lhurt's Oms CH Chardas Kevin Costner
CH Tribuns Karin Lejonhjärta
CH Rocco's Collar Sweetsoulsister CH Leavenworth Wish of My Soul
CH Rocco's Collar Pennygal
Seglavi Rubinah CH Tribuns You're On The Line Wilson CH Raskens PR Phantom
CH Tribuns Gucci
Girl from Ipanema Seglavi CH Yoghis Seal Domino
CH Magerytka Magor

Camster Cairn´s Ultra Hot Tabasco "Grisu"
WT: 16.08.11 PL 0

- KfT Jgd Champion

Camster Cairn's Ultra Hot Tabasco Benneton C- Voice vom Smaragd Hjoohoo's Hjo Got The Right Stuff Hjoohoo's Hjolly Good Fellow
Hjoohoo's All Of Me Loves All Of Hjo
Voice Hjo vom Smaragd Nicandra's Bugatti
Hjoohoo's Hjo Came Into My Life
Camster Cairn's Itgirl Glenmore's Yukon Gold Tribuns Bertig Bott
Glenmore's O'Mailley
CH Camster Cairn's Debonair Glenmore's Top Gun
Yatta von der Niederburg

Camster Cairn´s Man O War "Nino"
WT: 20.12.07 PL 0

- KfT Jgd Champion
-VDH Jgd Champion
-Europajugendsieger 09
-Internationaler Champion
-Deutscher Champion VDH
-Deutscher Champion KfT
-Interra Winner `10
-European Top Terrier `10
-Belgian Winner `10
-Europasieger `11

Camster Cairn's Man O' War Sire Glenmore's King of Rocks CH Rocket Man of Barnsley JW Avenelhouse Gold Light
CH Sarimont Smoke Screen
Stubbepeter La Vie En Rose CH Ol'Kyarnrowen's Supreme Surprise
Hjoohoo's Hjo Camte Into My Life
CH Camster Cairn's Debonair Glenmore's Top Gun CH Birselaw Bobby Dazzler
CH Glenmore's Knickknak Kathy
Yatta von der Niederburg Alcapone's Amur vom Fraubuechli
Viktoria von der Niederbrug

CamsterCairn´s Paddington"Paddy"
WT: 22.01.09 PL 0

Camster Cairn's Paddington Camster Cairn's Jetset Glenmore's Yukon Quest Tribuns Bertie Bott
Glenomore's O'Mailley
Camster Cairn's Crazy Mouse One Quayenne Vom Smaragd
Camster Cairn's Amity
Queen B vom Wellenroth Glenmore's Royal Flush Rocket Man of Barnsley
Glenmore's O'Mailley
Candy B vom Wellenroth Candid Boy of Golden Drops
Cornwall Peanut

US Import Caledonian Davidson of Wolfpit "Eric"
WT 11.04.08 PL 0

-KfT Jgd Champion
-USA Champion
-Deutscher Champion KfT
-Deutscher Champion VDH
Eric steht zur Zeit nicht zum decken zur Verfügung

CH Caledonian Davidson of Wolfpit CH Caledonian Winterberry of Wolfpit CH Caledonian Reagan of Wolfpit CH St Andrews Bogart of Wolfpit
CH Caledonian Iona of Wolfpit
CH Caledonian Tansie of Wolfpit CH Caledonian Berry of Wolfpit
CH Gimmick's Copper of Wolfpit
CH Caledonian Pennyfathering of Wolfpit CH Caledonian Buchaneer of Wolfpit CH Caledonian Buck of Wolfpit
CH Cairnhoe Alliance With Wolfpit
CH Caledonian Pennywhistle of Wolfpit William Wallace of Wolfpit
Caledonian Pennyroyal of Wolfpit

Camster Cairn´s I am Shaggy
WT 25.02.2006, PL 0

- KfT Jugendchampion
- Zuchtzulassung

Camster Cairn's I'm Shaggy Sire Glenmore's Yukon Gold CH Tribuns Bertie Bott CH Tribuns Jovial
CH Tribuns Karin Lejonhjärta
CH Glenmore's O'Mailley CH Tribuns Yellow Sovereign
CH Strubbelpeter Hej Duva
CH Camster Cairn's Debonair CH Glenmore's Top Gun CH Birselaw Bobby Dazzler
CH Glenmore's Knickknak Kathy
Yatta von der Niederburg CH Alcapone's Amur vom Fraubuechli
Viktoria von der Niederburg